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Story Untold, Handguns, Taylor Scott

Fri · January 11, 2019

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is all ages

Story Untold
Story Untold
Story Untold is a pop-rock quartet based out of Montreal, Canada. Story Untold found it’s humble beginnings in the bedroom of lead vocalist Janick Thibault who laid the foundation for Story Untold through his creative renditions of popular alternative songs that he released through youtube. After several years of releasing covers, Janick reached out to local friends Jessy Bergy, Max Cloutier, Aiden Von Rose and Mehdi Zidani to form what fans have come to receive as Story Untold.
Handguns could never be defined as a band that got together to make money or even to garner fame. Handguns could be defined as a group of dudes that formed a band because they love playing music and hate 9-5's. Sound cliché? Sure. But give this band a listen and you'll quickly learn they were indeed destined to play music and to stay far away from cubicles.

The creation of Handguns, made up of Taylor Eby (vocals), Kyle Vaught (guitar), Brandon Pagano (lead guitar), CJ Wilson (bass) and Woody Spokas (drums), was simple: they despised working "real" jobs and loved making music. For Handguns, it was organic. They all knew their fate and it wasn't going to be behind a desk.

"The only thing that has ever made sense to me was music," states Taylor Eby. "I love being in this band and traveling the world and seeing new places and meeting new people."

Before they were Handguns, Taylor, Nathan, and Woody all played in other pop punk bands in Pennsylvania and eventually decided it was time to gather and conquer. Once their lineup was in order, it wasn't long before they were churning out some of the most aggressive and catchiest pop punk fans had ever heard.

Starting Handguns and leaving everything they knew behind was a risk for all of them, but a risk they were all willing to take. "As soon as we started playing I knew what we had to do. Sell everything and just go for it. And that's what we did," says Eby.

Go for it is exactly what they did. Since their start, Handguns has toured the U.S. with numerous bands including A Loss For Words, The Wonder Years and The Story So Far and released three albums including Anywhere But Home, Don't Bite Your Tongue, and their newest release, Angst.

Handguns newest record Angst, which was produced by Chris Curren and Evan Phamakis (formerly of VANNA), is the album the band had wanted to make for years and their proudest accomplishment to date. The band wrote and demoed Angst in an old storage unit they were squatting in illegally, which then moved on to be recorded at Webster Lake Studios. While squatting, they collaborated on the lyrics, which derived from life experiences, situations everyone could relate to.

And while Angst is relatable, Handguns newest record doesn't surrender to the typical pop punk box it would usually be checked off in, but overpowers it. Angst is a more mature album than Handguns' past recordings- taking tips from bands like MxPx, The Bouncing Souls and New Found Glory, it revives pop punk with melodic gang vocals and fast paced tempos.

The future only holds good things for Handguns, with touring until the end of the year and reaping all the accolades thoroughly deserved for Angst. What's next for Handguns you ask? Well, that's simple. Keep going.

"We want to keep making the records we want to make and let that take us as far as it will take us," says Taylor. "We aren't going to put a limit on anything."
Taylor Scott
Venue Information:
The Foundry Concert Club
11729 Detroit Ave
Lakewood, OH, 44107