Within The Ruins

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Within The Ruins

Aversions Crown, Enterprise Earth, Currents, Engraved, The Party

Sun · November 19, 2017

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

Within The Ruins
Within The Ruins
Within The Ruins represent the pinnacle of what is possible when a band keeps their feet firmly rooted in the foundations of modern death metal, chews upon tidbits of classic thrash and all the while reaches upward to grasp toward new creative heights of their own design with hunger, skill and confident craftsmanship.

Within The Ruins set out to be faster, heavier and more accomplished with each release and their new alum, Elite, achieves that goal, earning its title in spades.

Audiences at South By Southwest, The Bamboozle, The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and across the country on the Summer Slaughter festival tour as well as runs with a diverse list of bands that includes Shadows Fall, Impending Doom, August Burns Red, Carnifex and Emmure have come to know the Massachusetts based powerhouse for their intensity, dexterity and mind-blowing melding of multiple metal subgenres which somehow sounds uniquely their own.

Weaned on the guttural sounds of Floridian death metal chaos, the blackened ice of frigid Norway, the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal, the Big 4, progressive Noisecore mathematics and birthed from the same Massachusetts stomping grounds as the architects of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, Within The Ruins creates challenging, devastating and comprehensive heavy metal sounds that encompass everything they've been and everything they are looking to become.

Thanks to fast, energetic, catchy, harmony filled compositions and deathly vocals (that are actually decipherable despite their forceful delivery), Within The Ruins have quickly distinguished themselves from the deathcore, metalcore and other overstuffed subgenre packs across two previous full-lengths, an EP and the unstoppable Elite, their brand new powerhouse for Good Fight/Entertainment One.

Utilizing all of the skills they've honed over the past decade, Within The Ruins crafted their new full length with producer Josh Wickman. Elite is the sum total of all that has come before but maximized leaps and bounds forward simultaneously. As the name would suggest, the songs on Elite are top notch, beyond the norm and completely untethered to the generic status quo of mediocrity that prevails in certain quarters of the metal genre. Within The Ruins work hard to be the best they can be, with dedication and perseverance unrivaled by most fly-by-night bands.

"Feeding Frenzy" is a direct attack on the trend following transients who overcrowd the music community, those who (as the song declares) are eating themselves alive. Within The Ruins very much believe in and support active involvement, vs. passive standing around. "Ataxia II" picks up where the instrumental from Invade left-off. "Absolute Hell" addresses some of the harsher realities of life on the road for a touring band, slugging it out and making strong commitments to your art.

The musical chemistry projects birthed in the laboratory of Within The Ruins are decisively serious, but the boys in the group carry on the equally important metal tradition of having a good time, blending beer and riffs with easy going charm and camaraderie with other bands and their fans. Fun, craziness, partying and leaving dumbfounded smiles on the faces in the crowd remain high priorities in their crew.

Within The Ruins are refreshingly authentic, feverishly committed and have proven that they will endure. Filled with power, deserving of utter respect, armed with concise compositions and technical might, Within The Ruins will not be stopped.
Aversions Crown
Enterprise Earth
Metal from Spokane, WA

Dan Watson : VOCALS
BJ Sampson : GUITAR
Will Garcia : GUITAR
Gordon McPherson : BASS
Fast, melodic, crushing, and technical Currents the 5-piece outfit hailing from Newtown, CT are ready to break every stereotype you have about the metal genre. Originally formed in 2009 Currents began gaining momentum with help from their strong local fan base. After countless shows and multiple releases the band settled into a solidified line up Spring 2015 and is here to stay. With new vocalist Brian Wille at the helm the band is stronger than ever. His expanded vocal range and crisp clean vocals add a dynamic to the band that will draw you in and leave you wanting more. Mix that together with riffs from Chris Wiseman and Ryan Castaldi alongside Jeff Brown and Dee Cronkite in the rhythm section and you have a recipe for success.
Venue Information:
The Foundry Concert Club
11729 Detroit Ave
Lakewood, OH, 44107