BravoArtist Presents:


Slingshot Dakota, Smut, Many Rooms, Paper Ghost

Wed · May 31, 2017

6:00 pm


This event is all ages

Slingshot Dakota
Slingshot Dakota
Slingshot Dakota is a two-piece indie rock band comprised of keyboards and drums. Inspired by punk and hardcore, this band is nothing short of energy. Carly Comando sings and plays keyboard through a variety of effects pedals while husband Tom Patterson drums like a madman. They do things with these instruments that most bands can't do with a standard set up: they cram the sonic space they are in. While heartfelt melodies anchor the duo's compelling sound, Slingshot has injected a bit of that ol' punk rock abandon – not to mention a heaping does of good times – into the mix. The result is as tender as it is raucous and fun.
Many Rooms
Venue Information:
Double Happiness
482 S Front Street
Columbus, OH, 43215