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Deathsong, Young Machetes, Heartworm

Fri · April 28, 2017

7:00 pm



This event is all ages

Since its conception in October of 2010, Kitchener, Ontario's Exalt has let their music speak to their eclectic influences and outlook on living in this day and age. What started as a quiet and unassuming project evolved in to a unique musical experience. Exalt continued to play and write without any pretense or hypocrisy, instead relying on their powerful live performance to turn heads.

Since their first release, a split with Hamilton, Ontario's Counterparts, the band has honed a sound that they proudly, yet humbly, call their own. The passion they release on stage stands parallel to the dichotomy of hope and despair that burns through their lyrics. Exalt stands paramount in the Canadian music scene, but what makes their creativity undeniable is the fact that have only just scratched the surface.
Young Machetes
Venue Information:
Double Happiness
482 S Front Street
Columbus, OH, 43215